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Considered to be the greatest book ever written; after all, it is the universal belief that it is the actual words of God. According to Wikipedia, the bible has sold more than 2.5 to 6 billion copies worldwide, making the bible the best-selling book in history. At present time, the bible has over 1,700 version…


Based on current Wikipedia statistic, the Catholic faith has about 1,253,926,000 (1 billion) members world-wide and 330,000 members in the United States. Combining all the Protestant’s religions (Protestants have a plethora of different congregations), they have 920,000,000 world-wide members and 330,000 U.S. members. A small but incredibly significant Christian religion is the Eastern Orthodox with…


 In the Gospel of John, just after the event of Jesus walking on the water, John writes about “The Bread of Life Discourse” (Jn6:22-71).  Jesus sets His criteria to receive Him as the New Lamb of God. It is a preview to the Last Supper’s miracle and to the new covenant that will be established…

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