We love all the readers who have purchased and read “God & Free-Will.” Thank you for your kind words and comments. We hope we touch everyone and inspire them to live their best life.

Laurie Leger, Abbeville LA

“ Before I got to the last page I said to myself what a gift to be able to pass on to his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. you have written a family treasure that has potential to change lives.”

Francis Michael, Clear Lake, TX

“ I’m surprised and impressed at your depth of theology and how much research you have put into the book.  Your chapter on PFLT should be the topic of your next book. In place of writing your theological commentary as in God and Free Will, you need to detail your personal story and how PFLT is lived out through your experiences, trauma, healing, forgiveness and truth.”

Rhonda Braquet, Metairie LA

“I’m loving it”

Jan Penn, Houston TX

“So well done, a must read.”

Maria Whitney, Mandeville LA

” I read half the book the first night. I can’t put it down.”

Gwen Trahan, Maurice LA

“I am beaming with pride. Well done good and faithful servant. I highly recommend it.”

Lea Hawkin, Maurice LA

“ I love it. I’ve been taking notes and highlighting  powerful passages.”

Greg & Alexis Guidry, Covington LA

“A must read; very inspirational.”

Rose Maria, Los Angeles CA

“Very powerful and moving.”

Mark Nosacka, South Carolina

“Tender, touching, moving & truthful to the Catholic souls.”

Hilary Quirk, Mandeville LA

“Made me cry.”

Monsignor Charles Mallet, Lafayette LA

“SO very proud to read this. You have inspiration from the Holy Spirit to preach the good words of Christ. May your message of God  be spread far and wide.”

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