John Fontana – Author

John currently lives in Covington, Louisiana with my wife and four dogs (a Siberian Husky name Jackson, a poodle name Amadeus, a miniature greyhound name Sadie and a pomski name Luna). They have five children. He is a retired Registered Nurse with thirty-seven years of clinical experience working in level one trauma centers, post anesthesia care unit, hyperbaric- wound care centers and as a medical sales rep. He served in the Louisiana National Guard and the Army Reserve as an Army Nurse with a commission of a First Lieutenant. Currently he is studying toward a master’s degree in Athletic Training. For about 10 years he taught CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) for Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Mandeville, Louisiana, to public school ninth and tenth graders seeking the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation. He enjoys reading and studying the bible as well as military and world history books. He spent ten years researching and writing God & Free-Will.

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