God Working In Mysterious Ways

God works in mysterious ways. This popular quote comes from William Cowper’s poem “Light Shining out of Darkness” which reads, “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” It is believed the inspiration behind this phrase came from Isaiah 55:8-9, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.

I can attest to this!  Yesterday, February 20, 2021, I received an email from a man that simply said: “Blessing to you. Please give me a call regarding the release of your Book God & Free-Will”. Signed Pastor Kevin Strawder.  After contemplating for a while and being very curious, I phone him on my way to 4 p.m. Mass at Our Lady of the Lake. I was not expecting what transpired!

Since the release of my book, I have been praying to God to find a way that I can market my, well our book. In fact, yesterday morning I said to God, “ you dictated this book to me and I composed it, Pastor Kevin Strawder from Waukegan, Illinois. Turn outs, that my small ad on Facebook popped up in his Facebook page. He said to me, “the title intrigued him. Then, after reading the synopsis of your book,  I thought to myself, I  want to help this man promote his book”.

Pastor Kevin Strawder is President and CEO of GMAP Business and Broadcast Network. His web page states “his vision is to bring Christians together no matter what congregations they belong to or what denominations they are. Starting in 2009, GMAP has become an audio, video, television, and radio production company reaching 160 countries, with more than 100,000 live stream interviews that are broadcast by five networks. His cable show on Wednesday nights has over a million viewers.

We spoke up until the time I walked into church and I told him I would call him back once I arrived back home. To my surprise, my book was already posted on his website under the author section. Pastor Strawder has even arranged for any and all viewers who clicked on the picture of my book they will automatic be directed to my web site http://www.godandfreewill.com. This coming Tuesday, I will have a zoom interview with Pastor Strawder. He will air this interview on his cable show and his website for 4 weeks. In addition, He has already posted on his web site my God & Free-Will video. 

As you can tell, I am beyond beaming with excitement. I do not know why God has blessed me so but I am humble and grateful for it. I tell people all the time: “People do not just come into your lives or leave you. God moves them.” Well to my amazement, God moved Pastor Kevin Strawder, a man I never knew, into my life, so that the words of God can be shared among His flock.

If you get a chance, I highly encourage all my friends to never give up on God and to always trust Him no matter what your circumstances may be.  I fully trust that God would promote my book and he found me the right man to do so. In today’s reading from Sarah Young’s book, Jesus Calling, it says; “ Trust and thankfulness will get you safely through the day. Trust protects you form worrying and obsessing. Thankfulness keeps you from criticizing and complaining those “sister sins” that so easy to entangle you. Keeping your eyes on Me is the same as trusting Me. It is a free-will choice that you must make thousands of times daily. The more you choose to trust me, the easier it becomes thought patters of trust become etched into your brain. Relegate troubles to the periphery of your mind so that I can be central in your thoughts. Thus you focus on Me, entrusting your concerns into my care”.

To all my friends, please take a look at my new friend and partner in God- Pastor Kevin Strawder. If you get a chance, I highly encourage you to look at his website: GMAP Broadcast Network (gmap1.com)https://www.gmap1.com/.  As Pastor Strawder states in his mission plan, he want to bring together all Christians, no matter what church or denominations one belongs to . . . just as long as you belong to God!

Published by jflsu007

I currently live in Covington, Louisiana with my wife and four dogs (a Siberian Husky name Jackson, a poodle name Amadeus, a miniature greyhound name Sadie and a pomski name Luna). We have five children. I am a retired Registered Nurse with thirty-seven years of clinical experience working in level one trauma centers, post anesthesia care unit, hyperbaric- wound care centers and as a medical sales rep. I served in the Louisiana National Guard and the Army Reserve as an Army Nurse with a commission of a First Lieutenant. Currently I am studying toward a master's degree in Athletic Training. For about 10 years I taught CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) for Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Mandeville, Louisiana, to public school ninth and tenth graders seeking the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation.. I enjoy reading and studying the bible as well as military and World history books. I spent ten years researching and writing God and Free Will. My weblink will be arriving soon along with my wife's weblink who makes rosaries and other jewelry.

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